In October 2008, Arlan Collins and Mark Woerman Principals at CollinsWoerman, a leading Seattle architecture firm, co-founded Sustainable Living Innovations, LLC (SLI). The purpose of this new company was to design and build vertical residential housing projects in half the time, reduce water and energy use by 50%, shave 20% off construction costs for comparable buildings and delivery a 4-star quality living experience.

Tackling a problem this large required a multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers and contractors. After several years of research and development, SLI launched a full scale mock-up of two model units in a warehouse in South Seattle in the Spring of 2011. The model units include a studio apartment/student dorm /hotel room and a 2-bedroom/2 bathroom unit. Both models are fully furnished and to date they have been viewed by over 1500 people. A gallery of photos of “Version 1.0” is available for viewing in this section.

In 2013, CollinsWoerman was introduced to Intellectual Ventures, the global leader in assisting companies in developing and monetizing their intellectual property. In September 2014, the two companies announced the formation of Innovative Building Technologies (IBT), a joint venture with the mission of commercializing new inventions for the design and construction of mid- and high-rise residential projects from a proprietary kit of prefabricated component parts. SLI has an exclusive license to deploy the technology in North American. IBT will find global licensees for the technology in other markets, including China, Japan and Vietnam. More information on the joint venture can be found in the links below.
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